Literal ︎︎︎

           Literal is the best platform to collectively explore the ideas of the world’s greatest authors.

We want to go beyond reviews and give space for diving into the atoms that make up a book.

We're building Literal to let you share the most impactful moments of your reading and get a window into what moves the people you care about.

Whether you're reading for entertainment or learning, we want to give you the foundation for sparking great conversations.

Literal is designed based on the idea that trust beats algorithms in the game of recommendation and that we are all trusted.

Some by millions of followers, others in close-knit groups, we want to give you space for both.

︎︎ Co-founder via Founders ︎︎
︎︎ 2020 — 2021 ︎︎
︎︎ Product Strategy, Business Development ︎︎