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          Tempo is was the email client that helps you focus.

Email, as we have known it recently, is a disaster. Since the first message was sent almost 50 years ago, its use has exploded, and with it its misuses. From spam to endless reply-all threads, to the proliferation of newsletters, email is used for anything and everything. It is evident that the time has come for email to be unbundled.

But if Slack is better for rapid in-company communication; if Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat are better for chatting with your friends; if Google Drive is better for sharing files; if a to-do list is better for, well, reminders; what’s email good for?

I shaped a product around the concept of long form communication which still has a place in this world, combined with simple mechanics for managing the incoming chaos.

︎︎ Co-founder via Founders ︎︎
︎︎ 2018 — 2021 ︎︎
︎︎ Vision & concept, product design & UX/UI design ︎︎